The 11 Best Suction Pool Cleaners


If you have a swimming pool at home, you’ll need to get an effective pool cleaner if you want to avoid costly the expense of a pool cleaning crew. Today, we’ll be highlighting a selection of the very best suction pool cleaners. What are these, though, and why should you care? A suction pool cleaner … Read more

The 6 Best Pool Cover Pumps


If you have a swimming pool cover in place, you’ll want to ensure the cover doesn’t get bogged down with water. The best pool cover pump will prevent this from becoming an issue without requiring you to leave your swimming pool unprotected. Today, we review the leading pumps on the market so you can establish … Read more

The 9 Best Pool Alarms


Whether you have in above-ground pool or an in-ground pool at home, kitting it out with a proper pool alarm is vital. If someone who can’t swim – a toddler or a pet, for instance – falls into the pool, the sensor will trigger a siren so you can save them from drowning. The best … Read more

The 5 Best Pool Leaf Vacuums


Is your pool surrounded by lots of plants or trees? If so, chances are you’ll notice large volumes of leaves and debris in your pool unless you take preventive measures. One method of attacking this issue is to use a pool skimmer. The alternative – and the one we’ll be outlining today – involves using … Read more

The 11 Best Pool Thermometers


You need to keep an eye on the temperature of the water in your swimming pool for reasons of safety and comfort. If the water temperature dips below 60F, it will not only feel icy, but could even trigger shock. When pool water is this cold, your blood vessels widen to enable warm blood to … Read more

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?


If you’ve started thinking about installing an in-ground swimming pool, you have a large project on your hands. This is absolutely not the sort of decision you should undertake lightly. That said, with the proper planning before breaking ground, there’s no reason that the construction of your in-ground pool shouldn’t go swimmingly. While above-ground swimming … Read more