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The 12 Best Above Ground Pools


If you’re lucky enough to have a yard and enough space to accommodate a pool, you’ll be faced with a battery of buying decisions.

An in-ground pool might be an attractive proposition in many ways, but not all yards are large enough for landscaped pools. Also, if you’re renting your home, it’s not practical to install a permanent swimming pool.

This is where the best above-ground pools step in to neatly plug the gap. These make renter-friendly and highly portable options, and you can easily take these pools down over the winter, or whenever they’re not in use.

When you’re shopping for above-ground pools, though, you’ll soon encounter a bewildering array of options in terms of shapes, sizes, depths, and designs. Also, of course, you’ll find pools at a variety of price points.

Here at Wild River Country, we’re here to make your life easier by reviewing all the best above-ground pools.

Since there are so many things to consider on the buying trail, we’ve provided you with a concise buying guide below outlining everything to factor in when you’re pool shopping. To help you when you’re browsing the pools below, you’ll find pools in two broad categories:

  • Inflatable
  • Steel-framed

Inflatable pools are ideal to give the kids some quick and easy splashing fun. The more robust steel-framed pools work better for adults, or if you want a more permanent installation without going to the lengths of installing an in-ground pool.

For more things to consider when you’re comparing above-ground pools, scroll down to our guide below. For all the finest pools broken down in terms of their benefits and drawbacks, read on.

The 12 Best Above Ground Pools

1. Our #1 Pick: Intex Pool Set



  • Round
  • Steel frame
  • 18 feet x 52 inches

As you browse our reviews of the best above-ground pools, you won’t fail to notice the dominant presence of Intex. Intext Recreation Corp is a pool specialist with 50 years in the trenches, so it’s no surprise they steal our number one slot today. How does the pool shape up, then?

This pool features the XTR frame. This is constructed in response to the interior rusting that can so easily wreck above-ground pools when the frame is exposed to moisture. Made from galvanized steel, the beams are powder-coated for extra protection.

This frame is stronger than similar round pools without this robust construction. The frame is designed to slot together quickly and easily without the need for separate locking pins. You can expect to have this pool fully installed in not much more than an hour.

You can choose from 4 different sizes when you’re browsing this line. The model we review here measures 18 feet across. At 52 inches, it’s deeper than most of the opposition in this class, too.

You’re getting a complete pool set here. This included a high-impact ladder – with rust-resistant frame, of course – with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300 pounds. That said, this is one area where we found some user pushback. A handful of disgruntled consumers report the ladder feeling rickety and flimsy, in stark contrast to the claims made by the manufacturer. This may or may not be an issue for you.

There’s also a sand filter pump thrown in. As with all above-ground pools, you might find the bundled pump fails to deliver fully.

When you’re done swimming, use the debris cover and tie it into place so you can minimize the flotsam and jetsam that would otherwise clutter your pool.

The Intex Ultra XTR is a rock-solid above-ground pool from an industry expert. While it’s not especially cheap, you’ll see where that extra money goes if you treat yourself and your family to this outstanding pool.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Removable ladder
  • Debris cover
  • Sand filter pump
  • Ladder feels flimsy

2. Upgrade Pick: Intex Rectangular Pool Set



  • Rectangular
  • Steel frame
  • 32 feet x 16 feet x 52 inches

Next in line comes another entry from the same Intex XTR line. This time, in place of a round pool, you get a substantial rectangular model ideal for larger yards. How does this pool shape up?

First up, there’s the obvious difference in shape. If you feel a rectangular pool would work, make sure you have the space to accommodate this pool. It measures up at 32 feet x 16 feet, and it’s 52 inches deep just like the round model above. This should give you ample depth for most purposes.

Now, you’ll need to spend some time pre-installation making certain the ground is level. This could take a few hours. From here, you can expect to have the pool up and ready for water in a couple of hours. This, of course, depends on your skill level. That said, the Easy Lock System has push buttons enabling you to easily snap the frame together.

The steel frame is powder-coated for added strength. You get a robust structure that’s built to stay the distance without rusting out.

The liner is equally durable and puncture-resistant giving you the confidence that this pool will give you years of faithful service.

This iteration of the Intex comes with a sand filter pump as well as a saltwater system giving you the opportunity to keep your water crisp and clear without relying on chlorine.

Pro tip: don’t forget to take the time to smooth all the wrinkles out of the liner. Neglect this and you’ll encounter problems.

If you have a fluid budget and you’re looking for the best above-ground pool in its class, the Intext XTR is a strong contender well worth a place on your shortlist.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Ground cloth
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Spacious dimensions
  • Quality control issues with liner

3. Best Budget:

Bestway Power Steel Above-Ground  Swimming Pool


  • Oval
  • Steel frame
  • 14 x 8 feet x 39.5 inches

Above-ground pools come in many shapes and sizes, and they are not all small and flimsy pools intended just for the kiddies.

This spacious oval pool from Bestway is priced within most people’s budgets, but you won’t need to sacrifice performance to snag yourself a bargain.

The steel frame is treated with a coating that inhibits rust and corrosion. The frame feels remarkably sturdy. It also comes equipped with a proprietary seal and lock system that prevents the pool from bending or buckling once topped up with water.

There is a chemical dispenser connection baked in, enabling you to evenly distribute chemicals throughout your pool the easy way. You can also do without the encumbrance of a floating pool chemical dispenser.

Setting the pool up couldn’t be much easier, so you should be up and running in a matter of hours, ideal if you have kids impatiently waiting to swim.

The robust liners should stand up to plenty of sustained use, even if you often have lots of people in your pool.

While most user reviews of this pool from Bestway sing its praises, we found a few complaints about the lack of compatible cover from the manufacturer. You should look for a third-party cover if you want to keep garden debris from contaminating your swimming pool water.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Won’t leak or bend
  • Straightforward assembly
  • No compatible cover available from Bestway

4.  Bestway Above-Ground Pool Set



  • Round
  • Steel frame
  • 12 feet x 30 inches

Next up in our collection of the best above-ground pools, we have something for all you bargain hunters. Bestway’s pool set is very keenly priced, even if it delivers a rather different experience to the pair of Intex pools above.

The round pool measures 12 feet across, so it’s large enough for a few kids without overcrowding. The pool is 30 inches deep, so you’re not getting the same depth of water as the Intex delivers, but then you don’t need to dig anywhere near as deep for the privilege.

Any above-ground swimming pool stands and falls on the strength of the frame. The steel structure in place here is solid and durable. The poles are treated with a rust-resistant coating to prolong lifespan and stop the moisture from weakening the frame over time.

The pool material is hardwearing yet lightweight PVC. A triple-layered base adds some welcome reinforcement where it’s needed most.

Setting this pool up is pretty straightforward. You won’t need any tools to get going, and you should have the pool in place in not much more than an hour.

Several customers have complained about the inefficiency of the pump. At least you get one included, but be prepared to pick up another pump.

The Chemconnect dispenser allows you to do away with the need for a regular chemical floater while still keeping the quality of your water crisp and clean while enjoying more space in the pool at the same time.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • PVC support band
  • Robust frame
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Pump is weak

5. Intex Rectangular Pool Set



  • Round
  • Steel frame
  • 32 feet x 16 feet x 52 inches

With that pocket-friendly option laid bare, it’s time for yet another Intext – we told you this brand has a heavy footprint in this vertical.

This iteration of the enduringly popular XTR series is the same as the rectangular model above with one exception: this model doesn’t bundle the saltwater system.

Intex engineered the XTR line of pools with strength uppermost in mind. The rugged steel frame has a rust-resistant treatment applied to lengthen the lifespan and reduce any chance of rusting eating your precious investment away.

The sizing of this rectangular pool should give you enough space to swim a few strokes up and down. It measures 32 x 16 feet, with an impressive 52-inch depth. In terms of sizing and space, the Intex XTR leaves most of its direct competition in the dust.

Dual-suction outlet fittings onboard help to further enhance the clarity of the water in your pool. You’ll also benefit from the Hydro Aeration tech baked in. This serves to reduce the number of negative ions on the surface, while at the same time improving circulation and filtration.

If you’re unclear on how you need to go about setting up this pool, there’s a pretty useful instructional DVD in the pack to get you started.

For anyone shopping above-ground swimming pools based mainly on the bottom line, Intex is not the smoothest fit. If, on the other hand, you want to invest in a swimming pool you can set and forget then enjoy for years to come, there’s only one question that remains: which of these mighty Intex pools gets your vote?

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Engineered for strength
  • Dual-suction outlet fittings
  • Sand filter pump
  • Some issues with rusting

6. Summer Waves Above-Ground Pool



  • Round
  • Polylaminate PVC
  • 10 x 10 x 2.5 feet

Does the Summer Waves Store deliver as promised or is this above-ground pool a waste of time and money? Well, that depends on what you want from a swimming pool, and how much you have to spend in order to achieve your goals.

The first thing you’ll love about this pool is the pricing. That alone is useless without suitable performance, though, so how does this model stand out?

Measuring 8 feet across and 2.5 feet deep, the pool has a 608-gallon capacity. Anyone looking for a pool to swim laps in will come up short, while those looking for somewhere for the kids to splash around in will have all their needs met here.

All you need to do is inflate the upper ring on the pool and fill it with water. You could have very happy children in less than 10 minutes after unboxing.

There is a filter pump thrown in along with a chlorinator, saving you from an immediate trip to the store. Considering the price of this pool, we feel this is generous.

Most customers appear pretty happy with this pool. The negative reviews we encountered mention the weakness of the filter gaskets, but we feel you need to keep your expectations grounded at this price point. Overall, user testimony is overwhelmingly positive.

In many ways, the success or failure of your above-ground pool purchase depends to a great extent on proper planning. Match the pool with your intended use and you’ll be happy year-round. Get this wrong, on the other hand, and you’re highly likely to end up with an inappropriate pool. So, if you need a compact but long-lasting and fun swimming pool for your kiddies, this is a wise bet. If you’re looking for something similar but even more durable, explore the model we’ve got coming up next.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Cartridge filter pump
  • Inflatable for quick installation
  • Chlorinator
  • Filter gaskets are a let-down

7. Coleman Swimming Pool



  • Round
  • Steel frame
  • 18 feet x 52 inches

This Coleman above-ground pool makes a commanding statement with its rattan finish covering a super-strong frame.

As with all smaller round pools like this one, you’re getting something that’s intended for relaxing, paddling, and splashing rather than swimming laps. This pool measures just 18 feet across, but it’s 52 inches deep for an indulgent experience.

This pool comes from Coleman’s pioneering line of pools with portholes. This is the new and improved version, although we regrettably found some complaints about leaks developing through these windows. Ask yourself this: is this novelty something you’re prepared to take a chance on going wrong? If so, read on.

The steel frame won’t rust out as it’s treated with a special coating to prevent moisture from damaging it over time. This is softened to the eye thanks to a rattan coating giving a natural aesthetic.

In terms of extras, there’s everything you would expect from a standard pool set, including a filter pump, ladder, and debris cover.

Setting the pool up should be pretty quick and easy, and you won’t need any tools or any specialist skills either.

Grab yourself a bargain and treat your kids to this above-ground pool for the coming summer. You all deserve it!

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion-resistant frame
  • Wicker finish
  • Some reported leaks from windows

8. Intex Pool Set



  • Prism
  • Steel frame
  • 10 feet x 30 inches

Next comes another powerful above-ground pool from the mighty Intex, so how does this iteration stand and fall?

Well, this model proves that you don’t need a bank loan to buy an Intex pool. This dinky 10 version measures just 10 feet across and it’s priced firmly in budget territory. At 30 inches deep, it’s by no means the deepest pool on offer, but then this brand has plenty of bigger guns if you need more space.

This pool is from the Prism frame series. The pool is draped over a steel frame coated with rust-resistant treatment to give you years of joy from this thing. You’ll get all the fundamental benefits delivered by Intex’s metal frame pools here. You’ll also get the same powerful Hydro Aeration tech so you’ll enjoy crisp and clear water inside this pool.

The triple-layered pool material is designed so you shouldn’t experience any rips and tears. We wouldn’t advise letting Fido clamber in the pool, but energetic kids should prove no problem for this robust and enduring pool.

You won’t need any tools or expertise to set this quick-connect pool up. You could be up and running in less than an hour.

While there is a cartridge pump and filter included, you don’t get a ladder. Depending on who will be getting in and out of this pool, you might need to make provision for this separately.

Intex throws in the usual instructional DVD, ideal if you’re a newcomer to above-ground pools.

If you’re looking to buy into this pool specialist without overextending yourself, and if you want a small pool that’s durable and kid-friendly, this affordable set is a must.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Quick, tool-free set-up
  • Long-lasting polymer
  • Cartridge filter pump
  • Ladder not included

9. Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set


  • Round
  • Alloy steel frame
  • 216 x 216 x 52 inches

Intex is one of the most popular brands in the above-ground swimming pool vertical and with just cause. Their pools combine price and performance in one attractive package, so how does the Ultra stand and fall?

Firstly, getting in and out of the pool is simplified thanks to the ladder provided. This is sturdy enough for adults and also removable when not required.

This model is uprated, with water circulation even more efficient than ever. Hydro-aeration technology is integrated, resulting in improved water clarity and circulation, with more negative ions at the water’s surface. This helps to keep the air around the pool as fresh as possible.

The easy-lock system enables you to snap the alloy steel frame together without too much time or trouble. The frame is rigid and capable of giving you years of service.

The puncture-resistant liner is also built with lengthy lifespan in mind, so if you look after your Intex pool well, it might be the smartest investment you make this year.

A nice bonus with this pool is the inclusion of a pool cover, unlike the model reviewed above. Ensure no leaves, twigs, and dust makes its way into your pool overnight.

Ready for water in no more than an hour, this is one of your quickest routes to swimming in the back yard.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Comes with filter pump bundled
  • Removable ladder
  • Improved water circulation
  • Some reported rusting

10. Bestway Rectangular Above-Ground Pool



  • Rectangular
  • Steel frame
  • 87 x 59 x 15 inches

Bestway produce some highly effective above-ground pools that are priced within most consumer’s budgets. How does this model differentiate itself, then?

Well, the pool plugs the gap between a costly permanently-installed swimming pool and one of the less durable and less attractive inflatables. This model gives you the appearance of a permanent pool, but in renter-friendly form.

If you’ve been put off buying a pool because of the thought of installing it, the ease of set-up here might make you rethink that. You won’t require any tools to get this pool erected, and you won’t need to set aside the whole day either. Everything you need to get started is included in the box.

The walls of this pool are triple-layered as is standard on all the best above-ground pools. As long as you treat the pool with care, you should get a lengthy lifespan from the Bestway.

The frame is super-solid and made from the corrosion-resistant steel you’d expect. This ensures you get the strength and rigidity you need along with the protection against the moisture that would otherwise rust out the frame.

Rectangular and shallow, this pool provides the perfect environment for your kids to enjoy themselves all summer long. If you’re forced to spend more time at home these days, why not make the very most of it?

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Triple-layered walls
  • Flow control drain valve
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Weak vinyl base

11. Intex Above-Ground Round Swimming Pool



  • Round
  • Metal frame
  • 10 feet x 30 inches

The ever-reliable Intex smashes another home run with this above-ground pool from their classic and remarkably popular Metal Frame series. What are the chief benefits and drawbacks of this model, then?

The round pool gives you an easier alternative to wrestling with a complicated in-ground pool. Beyond this, a permanent pool simply doesn’t make sense for many consumers. With this dinky model, you can expect to be up and running in perhaps an hour. If you’ve never attempted to put a pool together before, you might find the instructional DVD useful.

The metal frame has been powder-coated to mitigate the effects of moisture rusting out the structure. This frame measures 10 feet across by 30 inches deep, so your children will have more than enough room for them and their friends. You could even host a small kiddies’ pool party in this thing.

The walls of the pool are strengthened for your complete confidence. Despite the reasonable price point of this pool, you still get a structure that’s impressively rigid and durable with Intex’s incredible attention to detail throughout.

The only real gripe we could find among a sea of positive user reviews concerns the fact you don’t get a pump included in the package. This set aside, we feel you’re getting one of the best above-ground pools in this class from a brand you can rely on.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Simple set-up
  • Durable pool
  • Extra-tough sidewalls
  • No pump included

12. GOOGO Inflatable Swimming Pool



  • Rectangular
  • Inflatable
  • 92 x 56 x 20 inches

Last in line in our hunt for the best above-ground pools is another inflatable model, this time from GOOGO. What do you get for your money here?

The first thing to be clear about is that this is a very small pool. Capacity is just 162 gallons, while the pool’s overall dimensions are better suited to kids than adults. As we have mentioned several times, it’s vital to match the pools on your shortlist with your intended purpose. For anyone looking to give the kids some splashing time, this is a great pool for the job.

Made from a reasonably thick and puncture-resistant PVC, we wouldn’t advise letting your dog loose in this pool, but it should stay perfectly safe from human damage. Despite the keen pricing, this pool could last for years if you don’t abuse it.

Inflatable in just a few minutes, there’s no painful waiting period with children hanging on your arms moaning that they want to jump in the pool. Instead, unleash them in this pool in less than 5 minutes.

Taking the pool down is just as simple. There are drain plugs to streamline emptying the water, and the pool deflates quickly and easily.

All materials are BPA and kid-friendly.

While this pool is no use for several adults, and while it doesn’t give you the room to swim, it makes a superb addition to any kid-filled yard, providing cheap, clean fun all summer long for much less than you might imagine.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • 162-gallon capacity
  • Inflates in less than 5 minutes
  • Strengthened base
  • No pump bundled

Things You Should Consider


OK, with those reviews in place, you can accurately assess all the best above-ground pools like-for-like.

If you’re still uncertain how to proceed, we’ll round out today with a punchy guide showing you everything you need to know when you’re comparing pools.

Before anything else, though, you should think about preparation. Fail to plan, plan to fail!


Before whipping out your credit card, consider where you plan to position your pool. This will dictate the shapes and sizes of pool that make the best fit – more on that below.

Next, gran some stakes and some string. Mark out the area you have in mind. Leave at least 6 feet between the pool and your walls so there’s ample room for maneuver and maintenance. The pool should also be at least 10 feet from any trees so you’ll benefit from full sun on the pool surface throughout the day.

Measure up the area you’ve marked out so you’ll be better informed on the buying trail. Allow room for any decking in your calculations.

Check on any planning regulations in place where you live. In most cases, you should require no permit as the pool is deemed your responsibility.

It’s now time to double down on the most important pointers when comparing above-ground pools.

  • Type of above-ground pool
  • Shape and size
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Safety
  • Pool liner materials
  • Filtration and pumps

Type of above-ground pool

You can find a variety of above-ground pools, with the following the most common:

  • Inflatable: These are easy to set up and just as easy to take down. Cheap and great for kids, this type of pool is more prone to leaks and spillages. They also don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as more rigid pools
  • Steel: Steel pools are strong and rigid. They tend to rust over time, though. To mitigate this, look for models with steel frames treated with rust-resistant coating
  • Aluminum: These are lighter than steel-framed pools, and they’re not as strong either. On the flipside, they will resist corrosion capably. Unless properly coated, though, pools with aluminum frames are at risk of oxidation over time
  • Resin: This pool features a type of strong and durable plastic that’s built to withstand hostile conditions. That said, these pools often crack over time
  • Kids: The majority of pools intended for kids are small inflatable models. Kid-centered models often come with fun designs. They also tend to be shallower for safety’s sake

With the basic type of pool in place, you’ll now need to double down on its shape and size.

Shape and size

Most above-ground pools are broadly similar in terms of sizing. They measure anywhere from 12 to 18 feet across at the lower end, while some of the larger and more exclusive pools measure up to 30 feet across. In this segment of the market, you can find above-ground pools almost as large as built-in alternatives.

You’ll face 3 main choices in terms of the shape of your pool:

  • Round: Circular pools couldn’t be easier to assemble or dismantle. They’re a great choice if your primary intended use case is splashing around with the kids rather than swimming up and down. Look for a pool measuring at least 24 inches across if you want a pool for the whole family
  • Rectangular: These are ideal for swimming laps, and also work well for corner installations
  • Oval: Oval pools permit lap-swimming, too

Depths of above-ground pools extend to 52 inches at the upper end of the market. If you’re buying a pool for kids, you’ll need one that’s much shallower than this.

Don’t stint on the time you spend thinking about the best shape and size of pool. This will be instrumental to the success or failure of your buying decision.

Installation and maintenance

When you’re looking at the best above-ground pools, you shouldn’t overlook the issue of maintenance.

Ask yourself if you get everything you need included in the package, or whether you’ll need to buy any extras.

Explore exactly what you’ll need to concern yourself with in terms of upkeep. If you want the least hands-on experience with the very minimum of ongoing maintenance, you’ll likely want to consider an inflatable pool. The drawback here, of course, is that you’ll need to set the pool up and take it down after use. Luckily, this only takes a matter of minutes.

If you’re considering a framed version of an above-ground pool, be prepared for some ongoing and year-round maintenance. We feel this is a small price to pay for a swimming pool in your yard, though.


However much fun you can have with a swimming pool at home, it goes unsaid that you should keep safety uppermost in mind at all times. This is doubly important if you have kids at home.

Remove the ladder when the pool is not in use. Fence off the pool with a lockable gate if appropriate.

Consider pool lighting if anyone is likely to use the pool when it’s dark.

Perhaps most importantly, supervise your kids when they’re swimming. It’s all part of the fun!

Pool liner materials

You should look for swimming pools made from durable and puncture-resistant materials that are capable of withstanding direct sunlight as well as water.

Vinyl lining makes a great choice and it’s built to last.

Filtration and pumps

Unless you provide the water in the pool with some circulation and cleaning, it will turn stagnant over time. Luckily, a pump and filter can help you attack this head-on.

The pump plays a central role. Look for a pool set that bundles a pump for the easiest way to get started. The pump will pull water from your pool, and then it’s channeled through a filter. This will remove any debris from the pool while also efficiently circulating the water.

If you have anyone in the family with sensitive skin and a dislike of chlorine, you could look for a pool with a saltwater chlorinator. This is quite expensive, though, and you’ll also need to keep buying large bags of salt. Usually, a saltwater pool is easier to maintain than a chlorine system, and you’ll experience fewer issues with chemical imbalances in the water.

Right, with that comprehensive guide in place, you should have no problems at all now finding the best above-ground pool for your requirements. This is not a decision you should rush into, and it’s well worth taking the time now to avoid buying the wrong pool.

As a parting shot, here are the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions concerning this type of swimming pool.


1) How long will an above-ground pool last?

This depends on the pool you buy and the brand of the pool. As a benchmark, most pools in this class are expected to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

2) Which size and shape of above-ground pool is best?

The only question that counts is which is the best above-ground pool for you. If you like the idea of swimming laps, oval or rectangular pools are ideal. For splashing around with your kids, round pools offer a cozy alternative.

3) Is it possible to install an above-ground pool myself?

Inflatable pools couldn’t be easier to set up. With some of the larger pools on our shortlist, you’ll need a helping hand from friends or family, but you shouldn’t need to call in a professional for installation.

4) How much maintenance is required with above-ground pools?

You’ll need to add either salt or chlorine to the water, and you’ll need to buy and familiarize yourself with a water-testing kit. Beyond this, you’ll have to replace the sand every few years in the pool filters. Use a brush and net on the surface, and keep the pool covered when not in use, and that’s about the extent of maintenance.

5) How can I enhance pool safety if I have kids using the pool?

If you want to prevent small children from taking a tumble into your above-ground pool, we suggest installing a fence equipped with a lockable gate around the pool.


If you arrived here at Wild River Country today without the first idea of what to look for in the best above-ground pools, that should have changed by now.

One of the key advantages of an above-ground pool is that you won’t get caught up with a lot of the expensive pool equipment like automatic pool cleaners that come with the territory of in-ground pools. Instead, why not treat yourself to some floating pool lights to set off your new purchase perfectly?

We hope our reviews have cleared up which of these pools you feel would make the smoothest fit for you and your family.

Before you go, take a moment to bookmark our blog, and we hope to see you soon! We’re here to bring you fresh content daily on all aspects of pool culture.

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