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The 13 Best Hummingbird Feeders


If you enjoy watching birds feed in your garden, you’ll know already that different birds like different types of seed.

How about if you’re looking to attract hummingbirds into your yard, though?

Well, rather than seed, you’ll need to use nectar. You can easily make this yourself using some white granulated sugar. Here’s how to make homemade hummingbird nectar.

With that taken care of, all you’ll need is the best hummingbird feeder for your garden or outdoor space. And that’s where we come in to help with today’s roundup of the top 13 hummingbird feeders up for grabs.

If you have no idea what you’re looking for when comparing hummingbird feeders, take the following pointers into consideration on the buying trail:

  • Type of feeder: While hummingbird feeders come in many shapes and sizes, they fall into one of two broad categories: vacuum or saucer. Most vacuum feeders are inverted bottles. These bottles are mounted on a base equipped with feeding ports. The vacuum created by trapped air inside holds the nectar inside these feeders. The hummingbird probes the feeder port with its bill and tongue, allowing small amounts of nectar to be released. This type of feeder is easy to fill and clean, and they also ration the nectar over time. If the seal becomes compromised, though, these feeders can start leaking. If this happens, insects will be attracted to the nectar leaking out. A saucer feeder consists of a reservoir in the form of a bowl of nectar. The hummingbirds access the nectar by probing the feeding ports. It’s highly unlikely this type of hummingbird feeder will leak, unless it’s either disturbed by the wind, or by another larger bird. The main drawback of this type of feeder is the fact they are difficult to clean. There is no right or wrong type of hummingbird feeder, only the right one for you. Consider the differences between these styles and buy accordingly
  • Ports or flowers: The ports are a vital component of a hummingbird feeder. If the ports are too small, not enough nectar will be dispensed. If the feeder proves too challenging and unrewarding for birds to use, they will stop coming back. If the ports are too big, on the other hand, nectar can easily leak out, attracting insects and leading to premature spoiling of the nectar. You’ll find some feeders equipped with plastic flowers. These snap into place over the feeding ports. While these are intended to show the hummers where to probe, they do not help safeguard the feeder against bees, ants, or other insects. You should consider a bee guard. This also snaps over the feeding port, and it prevents bees from accessing the ports effectively without interfering with feeding for hummers. Their huge tongues extend up to twice the length of their bills, allowing them to suck out the nectar with ease
  • Capacity: The capacity of the feeder is expressed in terms of fluid ounces. We break this down in the features tab of all feeders on our shortlist so you can readily compare them like-for-like. If you are in any doubt, start with a smaller feeder and see how you get on. You may like the idea of feeding hummers but find the reality of all that sticky nectar is something you can’t be bothered to deal with. More likely, you’ll love the experience and end up buying a larger feeder in time!
  • Ease of cleaning: Make sure any feeders on your list are easy to clean or you will end up leaving them unused. Any narrow-necked bottle feeder or saucer-style feeder with small holes will be a hassle to clean. Ceramic feeders are not ideal as they obscure your view of the nectar and any mold accumulating. The best feeder will come apart to streamline cleaning
  • Perches: A perch is not a vital component of a hummingbird feeder, but it will help you to get a better look at the birds as they feed. A feeder with perches will also allow bigger and non-hovering birds like woodpeckers and finches to use the feeder. This may or may not be something you want, so choose accordingly

With those basics in place, you should now be perfectly positioned to explore our collection of hummingbird feeder reviews. Dive in and see if any of these feeders makes the right fit.

The 13 Best Hummingbird Feeders

1. Our #1 Pick: First Nature Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 16oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 24 x 7.25 x 9 inches

First up and our overall favorite in today’s showcase of the best hummingbird feeders comes from First Nature, so what do you get for your money?

Hummingbirds are strongly attracted to the color red, and this feeder is finished in a bright red to help draw hummers into your garden.

You’ll need to fill this feeder with nectar to give these intriguing birds the sustenance they are looking for. Once they establish that there is a regular source of nectar, they’ll keep coming back for more and more of the same.

The wide mouth of this feeder means you won’t make a mess when you’re topping it up with nectar.

Considering the reasonably compact form factor, the 16oz capacity is impressive.

There are 10 feeding ports so you can enjoy a spectacle as these fascinating birds fill up on nectar all around the feeder. All you need to do now is fill it with the right nectar and you’ll be delighted with the enjoyment you get from this top-notch feeder.

Almost all user reviews of this feeder are positive, but we found some isolated complaints about build quality, so do your due diligence here.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Bright red to attract hummingbirds
  • Multiple feeding ports
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Build quality could be improved

2. More Birds Store Vintage Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 20oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8.98 inches

Next in line is the first of several entries today from More Birds Store. If you opt to invest in this vintage hummingbird feeder, you should find you get plenty more birds in your garden.

As with all the best hummingbird feeders out there, this one is finished in a fire hydrant red to draw in those hummers.

The 5 feeding ports are shaped like flowers and designed for hummingbirds to perch on comfortably as they drink their fill of nectar.

Standing on an antique base made of hardwearing plastic, this feeder will cope with the elements and give you plenty of faithful service.

The 20oz capacity should mean you won’t be continually scurrying to and from the feeder, and you’ll give any local hummers a real treat if you load this to the brim with nectar.

While this feeder is pretty easy to wash my hand, you should avoid the temptation to pop it in the dishwasher.

There are several other shapes and styles in this impressive line containing some of the best hummingbird feeders out there if this one doesn’t quite take your fancy, and we review these below.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • 5 flower-shaped feeding ports
  • Finished in vibrant red
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Doesn’t cope well in dishwasher

3. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 36oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9 inches

Hummingbirds are beautiful to behold, so why not do those birds justice by providing them with an equally magnificent feeder?

Grateful Gnome serves up a classic hummingbird feeder made from a long-lasting borosilicate glass. The striking and colorful print makes a great visual statement and will attract those hummingbirds in to feed. The colors are chosen to mirror the flowers hummingbirds would feed on in a natural environment, so this is not a case of style over substance.

Once they arrive, the birds can take advantage of several different feeding ports, so none will go without.

There are transparent sections of glass allowing you to easily keep your eye on nectar levels without needing to open the feeder.

A few customers complained about the fact this feeder is advertised as being made from blown glass when it is machine-blown borosilicate glass. On the plus side, you’ll benefit from a lengthy lifespan once the feeder is installed. This model is also currently discounted, so act quickly and grab yourself a real bargain.

As an added kicker, the feeder is also very easy to keep clean, something that certainly can’t be said for all hummingbird feeders. Customer care is responsive should you run into any issues with this outstanding example from a brand you can trust.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Eye-catching design
  • Multiple feeding ports
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Not blown glass as claimed

4. Nature’s Way Bird Products Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 16oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 4 x 8.25 x 8.25 inches

Next in line is a bright red feeder designed to attract as many hummingbirds as possible, but is it any good?

While this is not especially cheap, you can grab a reasonable discount if you move quickly on this feeder, ready for the new gardening season.

The construction is hardwearing as well as decorative. You’ll get the metal chain you need to hang this feeder from a tree or bird table. Complementing the hand-blown glass, the silicone gasket is super-tight and ensures no nectar leaks out.

Several users have pointed out that the 16oz capacity left them wanting more. If you have a busy garden environment with lots of hummingbirds, you may want to consider buying more than one feeder. Alternatively, scope out some of the more substantial feeders we review today.

There are a couple of rings around the side of the feeder making it easy for hummingbirds to perch and feed.

The opening of the feeder makes filling it a straightforward task. This opening also streamlines cleaning, so you won’t end up with your feeder caked with nectar and a sticky mess.

For a hummingbird feeder that’s built to stay the distance without leaking or prematurely letting you down, this model might be small, but it’s also one of the most efficient hummingbird feeders out there.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Robust and hand-blown glass
  • No leaking issues
  • Promotes comfortable feeding position
  • Minimal capacity

5. Juegoal Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 12oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches

Juegoal’s simple hanging hummingbird feeder is one of the cheapest options on our shortlist, but is it any good?

The 12oz capacity is reasonably small, but then so is this feeder. You still benefit from 8 feeding ports around the edge of the saucer, though, so you’ll have plenty of space for hummers onboard.

Like all the most effective feeders in this class, there is an ant moat built in. Give the birds a treat, then, without the nectar becoming polluted.

While this moat keeps the ants out, we unearthed a few gripes from consumers about other bugs working their way into the nectar.

The cover snaps tightly into place, and you can remove this to make your life easier when you’re cleaning up. The plastic is dishwasher-safe, so you’ll have no niggles when the feeder is empty.

A simple hanging feeder, attach it to a tree, shrub, or garden fixture and draw up a seat for a view of hummers feeding.

The cover of this feeder is bright red, ideal for attracting hummingbirds toward the nectar-filled container.

Easy to use and easy to clean, this is one of the best budget hummingbird feeders out there, so why not give it a try?

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Detachable cover
  • Super-simple to clean
  • 8 feeding ports
  • Some issues with bugs accessing feeder

6. Perky-Pet Window-Mount Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 8oz
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 3.45 x 5.52 x 8.56 inches

You don’t need a garden to benefit from a ringside view of hummers feeding. If you live in an apartment, all you need to do is attach this feeder to the window and you may find hummingbirds making their way to the nectar inside.

Alternatively, you could attach this feeder to the window downstairs in a house, enjoying an unobstructed view of the feeding birds from a conservatory or living room.

If you don’t like the idea of mounting this feeder on a window at all, simply hang it from a nail instead.

Easy to mount, the suction cups are strong. We didn’t encounter any complaints from users about the suction wearing off over time either.

The feeding ports are slightly tapered to stop bugs and bees from making their way inside.

Capacity is reasonably limited at just 8oz, but you’re better off emptying and cleaning window feeders daily anyway, so this is certainly not a deal-breaker.

Cleaning the feeder is straightforward, as every component comes apart to simplify things.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Easy to mount on windows
  • Tapered ports keep bees and bugs out
  • Disassembles for ease of cleaning
  • Minimal capacity

7. More Birds Store Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 40oz
  • Material: Glass and plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 7.75 x 10.25 inches

Next in line is a much more substantial hummingbird feeder, again from More Birds Store.

Named The Big Gulp, this feeder delivers as promised with a sprawling 40oz capacity, giving you the opportunity to give those hummers a real treat.

The robust glass feeding station will enhance your garden, with red accents to attract those hummingbirds and delicate flowers around the edges.

There are 5 feeding ports, so you shouldn’t find any hummers left out at feeding time. You will find these delightful birds keeping coming back for more and more, and all you need to do is top of this feeder with some homemade nectar.

Like all the feeders in this line, you should wash this model by hand with some warm water. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

As you would expect, there is an ant moat baked in to prevent those pesky critters from making their way into the nectar.

If you’re shopping for a hummingbird feeder based primarily on capacity, this is one of the best options at your disposal, and it costs much less than you might imagine.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Substantial capacity
  • Integrated ant moat
  • Simple to clean and fill
  • Some gripes about leaks

8. Twinkle Star Outdoor Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 20oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 3 inches

Twinkle Star serves up a simple but highly effective hummingbird feeder that’s also one of the cheapest options up for grabs. Even better, you won’t need to take a hit on build quality to achieve a bargain.

The hanging feeder will go on a tree, shrub, bush, or just about anywhere you fancy in the yard. The hanging mount allows you to pop it pretty much wherever you feel gives you the best view of the feeding birds.

The base of the feeder is bright red, ideal for enticing any passing hummingbirds over to the feeder. They cannot get enough of anything colored red.

When you want to fill the feeder, twist off the top and load it up with nectar. This locks securely into place, and you shouldn’t find any ants or bees working their way into the feeder.

Despite a commendable capacity, you only get 4 feeding ports, making this one of the more limited feeders in this regard. Setting this aside, though, you’re getting one of the best hummingbird feeders out there, and it also happens to be one of the cheapest. What’s not to love?

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Tops twists off for filling
  • Easy to hang from trees
  • 4 feeding ports
  • Quality control issues flagged

9. Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 8oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 7.05 x 7.05 x 8.1 inches

Perky-Pet has a deep bench of effective and affordable bird feeding solutions, including this hummingbird feeder that’s well worth a place on your shortlist.

The entire unit is bright red, all the better to attract passing hummingbirds, strongly drawn to anything red.

You get 4 flower-shaped feeding ports on this feeder, and these are removable to suit your needs.

The wide mouth of the feeder makes it super-simple for you to fill with the nectar hummingbirds thrive on.

Once you’ve topped your feeder up, you can rest confident that ants, bees, and bugs will be kept out. There is a moat and guard built in to keep these pests away from the nectar.

Made from glass, the feeder is sleek enough not to clutter up your garden, and the translucent red finish is perfect for grabbing the attention of any local hummers.

When you need to empty or clean the feeder, you can detach the base to streamline doing so.

The only real complaint we could level at this feeder is the small capacity, but if this doesn’t present a problem, you’re getting a great feeder that should entice hummingbirds in its direction.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Multiple feeding ports
  • Removable perches
  • Bee guard and ant moat
  • Small capacity

10. Aspects HummZinger Hanging Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 12oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 7.75 x 1.75 inches

The HummZinger from Aspects is a great hanging hummingbird feeder that allows you an all-round view of the hummers as they feed. How does it shape up, then?

Made from a hardwearing polycarbonate that’s capable of withstanding hostile conditions, you’ll get plenty of use out of this feeder without any fading or discoloration.

The main section of the feeder is vibrant red, the preferred color of hummers the world over.

There are several configurations available here. This iteration is the base option containing nothing but the feeder. Other iterations include nectar and guard tips. Buy in line with your needs, and opt for the base model if you make your own nectar for hummers at home.

There are 4 ports for the birds to feed from, and the perch lets the birds feast from on high.

Although almost all user reviews sing the praises of this feeder once it is hanging in place, we found several complaints about quality control and missing components. Check the contents of your delivery closely upon arrival.

Almost unbreakable and super-simple to clean, this is hands-down one of the very best hummingbird feeders on the market.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • High-view perch
  • 4 feeding ports
  • Rugged polycarbonate build
  • Build quality control issues reported

11. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 26oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Grateful Gnome has some great bird feeders that are designed and handmade so every feeder is unique.

Now, you might imagine that would force you to dig pretty deep for this feeder, but it’s actually one of the cheapest hummingbird feeders on our shortlist.

The mushroom print in bright primary colors features the obligatory red, ideal for attracting passing hummingbirds over to the feeder.

While you might not think glass in the garden works very well, the build of this feeder is robust, and you should get plenty of service from it.

The colors are embedded inside twin layers of glass to stop them from fading in the sunlight. This is a small but valuable touch, and means your feeder won’t start looking shabby before it gives up the ghost.

Like all the best feeders in this style, you get an inbuilt any moat to stop any of the nectar being plundered and polluted.

A few quality control issues set aside, this is of the most effective feeders for hummingbirds you’ll find, and it’s priced keenly, too.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Striking aesthetics
  • Handmade and unique
  • Ant moat integrated
  • Some complaints about missing accessories

12. Birds Choice Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 32oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 9 inches

As we near the end of our quest for the best hummingbird feeders, we have a classic hanging feeder from Birds Choice. How does this thing shape up?

Both the base and the pattern on the feeding tube are bright red. This color attracts hummingbirds from a distance, just like red rag to a bull.

This is one of the most generous feeders when it comes to capacity. You have space for up to 32oz of nectar, more than enough for the hummers to feed for a day or two.

The polycarbonate build is shatter-proof and very long-lasting, while still looking sleek enough to blend into your garden.

Brass hangers let you hang the feeder almost anywhere, and these won’t rust out or break under the load of the feeder.

Made in a US-based facility and combining great customer care with a first-class hummingbird feeder, add this to your shopping list.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • 8 nectar ports
  • Rugged polycarbonate
  • Brass hangers
  • Narrow neck and opening

13. More Birds Store Hummingbird Feeder



  • Capacity: 14oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 10.6 inches

Rounding out our search for the best hummingbird feeders is yet another entry from More Birds Store.

The 14oz capacity is minimal, but in return you get a space-saving and sleek feeder ideal for smaller outdoor spaces.

The flower-shaped ports are detachable, and these are designed to draw in hummingbirds as they are colored bright red.

The opening of the feeder is extra-wide, so you’ll have no problems topping it up.

With 5 independent feeding ports, you can relax with your morning coffee watching the colorful hummers eat their fill for the day.

Cleaning this feeder couldn’t be easier thanks to the removable base. Just wash it by hand with some warm, soapy water and refrain from popping it in the dishwasher.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Flower-shaped ports attract hummers
  • Detachable base
  • Wide opening
  • Some rusting reported


1) What are the drawbacks to placing hummingbird feeders in my yard?

None, really. When local hummingbirds suffer from insufficient nectar on blooming flowers, providing them with a helping hand could mean the difference between life and death. The only real downside comes if ants, bees, and bugs make their way into the nectar. Most of the best hummingbird feeders build in measures to combat this, though.

2) Is it true that hummingbirds are attracted to red objects?

Yes. Hummingbirds associate this color with the high-quality nectar they obtain from red flowers.

3) Does this mean I should use red dye in the nectar?

No. This could harm the hummers so leave the nectar alone. Most hummingbird feeders are bright red. That’s enough to attract any passing hummingbirds without needing to tamper with the nectar.

4) Can I use anything in place of white sugar when making nectar?

No. Other sweetening agents can contain active ingredients harmful to hummingbirds. Artificial sweeteners are dangerous when making hummingbird nectar.

5) When do I need to put out my hummingbird feeder?

You should put out your hummingbird feeder about a week or so before you think the birds will arrive in your yard. This date will vary nationwide. Check with a local bird club if you’re in doubt.

6) When should I take the feeders down in fall?

It’s safe to leave the feeder out for as long as there are hummers around. Always keep the feeder clean and you have nothing to worry about.

7) How frequently should I clean and empty the hummingbird feeder?

Empty the feeder at least twice a week and then clean it thoroughly in the summer. In cooler months, weekly cleaning is sufficient. Use hot water and a weak vinegar solution. Soap can leave residue distasteful to hummers.

8) My hummingbird feeder is installed but no birds are coming. What can I do?

Plant some red tubular flowers near the feeder, or choose some native plants hummers are draw toward. Make sure the nectar is fresh and clean, too.

III. Conclusion

Hummingbirds are fascinating, and with very minimal investment and some homemade nectar, you can easily attract them into your garden.

We hope today’s curated selection of the best hummingbird feeders has given you plenty of food for thought. All you need to do is choose the right one and you’ll be giving the hummers in your local area a treat.

As summer gives way to fall, we have a very busy schedule here at Wild River Country. We understand you have different needs as the seasons change, and we’re here to help you choose all the gear you want for your garden.

Make sure you bookmark our blog before you go and pop back soon so you don’t miss out!

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