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The 5 Best Pool Leaf Vacuums


Is your pool surrounded by lots of plants or trees?

If so, chances are you’ll notice large volumes of leaves and debris in your pool unless you take preventive measures.

One method of attacking this issue is to use a pool skimmer. The alternative – and the one we’ll be outlining today – involves using a dedicated pool leaf vacuum instead.

Both of these solutions allows you to remove debris from your pool, but a leaf vacuum – as the name makes abundantly clear – is expressly designed for leaf removal. An all-purpose pool vacuum can handle a wider variety of dirt and debris.

Leaf vacuums are manual. You use the vac with a garden hose and telescopic pole. These are typically not provided. You’ll enjoy the ability to deal with greater volumes of leaves with no tedious clogging if you invest in the best pool leaf vacuum.

We understand you may have no idea what you’re looking for on the buying trail, though. To help you, here are the most important things to consider before brandishing your credit card:

  • Type of pool leaf vacuum: A standard pool leaf vacuum must create suction to pick up the leaves in your pool. This is achieved by connecting the unit to your garden hose. As you turn on the water, it creates sufficient suction for picking up leaves. You use a telescopic pole to more easily maneuver the unit around your pool, pushing it toward areas littered with leaves. These are then trapped in a mesh bag. You empty this and reuse it, so you’ll get no tiresome running costs. These are easy to use and should have the leaves removed from your pool in 20 minutes or so. Cordless pool leaf vacuums allow you to sidestep using a garden hose to create suction. These battery-powered units feature fan blades that serve to suck up the leaves. Everything else functions in the same way as with a standard alternative. You can expect about 3 hours of runtime from cordless pool leaf vacs
  • Pole length: You should use the pole from your skimmer net or pool brush. You may find your pole doesn’t make a good fit. In this case, you should find it easy to pick up a new pole at any pool shop or online. Telescopic poles give you most freedom of movement
  • Suction strength: You need to keep your expectations reasonable when it comes to the suction created by simple pool leaf vacuums. They are only intended to pick up featherlight leaves, so you’re not getting the same suction as your home vacuum delivers, but then you don’t need that amount of suction. Suction strength will also depend on how much water pressure is coming from the spigot. This assumes that you’re using a standard leaf vacuum. Cordless models typically produce more suction
  • Bag quality: Make sure bags are reusable and not prone to detaching

OK, if you keep these simple pointers in mind, you should have no problem at all finding the best pool leaf vacuum.

Dive in now with our reviews of the top 5 leaf vacs.

The 5 Best Pool Leaf Vacuums

1. Our #1 Pick: Pool Blaster Leaf Vac



  • Cordless battery-powered
  • 76 pounds
  • 2 x 15 x 7 inches

Our favorite pool leaf vacuum on our shortlist comes from Pool Blaster, and offers cordless convenience when you’re looking to suck up leaves from your pool water.

As a complete self-sufficient cleaning appliance, this vac won’t end up disrupting the pH levels of your water. It doesn’t add water to your pool, so you should find water levels stay in check.

Unlike many leaf vacs, you won’t need a garden hose with this unit. Instead, embrace the simple push-button operation, and take full advantage of the 3 hours of runtime. You’ll need 8 x AA batteries for this, so make sure you have a steady supply, or consider investing in some rechargeable batteries.

While the majority of user opinion concerning this leaf vacuum is positive, we found a handful of complaints about the battery housing. Several disgruntled users have reported issues with leaking and a generally poor design. Do your own due diligence here.

The leaf bag has a substantial capacity. This saves you from endlessly emptying the unit, giving you more time on the pool lounger and saving you from tasky pool maintenance.

You can attach this leaf vacuum to any telescopic pool. The lightweight appliance tips the scales at less than 2 pounds, giving you everything you need in a pool leaf vacuum for the coming swimming season and beyond.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • High-capacity filter bag
  • Maintains pool pH levels
  • Push-button operation
  • Issues with battery housing

2. Budget Pick: Poolmaster Big Sucker Pool Leaf Vacuum



  • 15-inch diameter
  • 82 pounds
  • 15 x 15 x 2.64 inches

Poolmaster is a highly reputable brand in this vertical, so you can invest in this pool leaf vacuum with complete confidence.

The core purpose of this highly efficient appliance is sucking up larger leaves and pieces of debris. If you have trees studding your swimming pool with bulkier foliage, this ideal for your purposes. The company also produces  a jet vacuum if you need to deal with smaller pieces of pool debris.

This unit measures 15 inches across and has a robust ABS handle that shouldn’t let you down.

The leaf vacuum boasts 8 potent jets giving your pool the high-pressure treatment. Running on 4 multidirectional wheels, the vacuum is easily maneuvered around the pool.

There’s a mesh leaf bag that comes with a push-lock closure to ensure a snug fit. This bag is reusable, so cuts down your ongoing running costs.

Overall, this is a remarkably effective leaf vacuum that should keep your swimming pool water clean, clear, and free of any leaves, twigs, and debris marring the experience.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • 8 high-pressure jets
  • Quick-connect fittings
  • Uses any garden hose and pole
  • Doesn’t capture dirt

3. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister



  • Cyclonic action
  • 1 pound
  • 5 x 9.5 x 8 inches

As we reach the midpoint of our search for the best pool leaf vacuums, we have a cyclonic-action vacuum from Zodiac. How does this thing shape up, then?

This model is designed to work alongside a Zodiac automatic suction pool cleaner, so make sure you have one of these in place. If so, read on.

The objective of using this leaf vac is to take some of the strain off your pool system. This unit will stop leaves from hitting your pump, filter, and skimmer, so prolonging their lifespan while at the same time improving water clarity.

The Zodiac works by creating a dynamic water flow with its cyclonic action. Debris and impurities should be prevented from clogging up the canister, ensuring smooth operation. You won’t find this leaf vacuum losing suction at all.

Quick-connect fittings and a twist-lock top make this unit commendably user-friendly.

Although the bulk of user reviews are positive, we found some complaints from users who experienced air leaks with this pool leaf vac. Overall, though, you’re getting a powerful, innovative, and affordable solution from a brand you can rely on.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Works with Zodiac pool vac
  • Takes load off your pool system
  • Never loses suction
  • Some snags with air leaks

4. Poolmaster Leaf Vac



  • 15-inch diameter
  • 82 pounds
  • 58 x 3.29 x 3.29 inches

Next in line is another entry from the Poolmaster stable, this time from the Premier Collection. You’ll need to dig a bit deeper for the privilege with this leaf vacuum, but you’ll be getting outstanding overall value.

Measuring 15 inches across, you’re getting a powerful leaf vac that’s also lightweight and easy to use.

You should suck up most of the debris cluttering up your pool like leaves from plants and trees due to the 8 powerful jets onboard.

As with all the best units like this, you’ll get omni-directional wheels underneath streamlining maneuverability.

You need to use this pool leaf vacuum in combination with a standard garden hose and pole. These don’t come bundled, so you can make use of your existing equipment.

The perimeter brushes are replaceable which is a valuable touch extending the lifespan of this pool leaf vac.

Poolmaster throws in a pair of resuable leaf bags so you have everything you need to get going straight out the box.

If you want to buy into a brand that’s been producing pool gear since the 1950s, you won’t be disappointed with Poolmaster.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Multidirectional swivel wheels
  • Aluminum handle
  • 8 high-pressure jets
  • Hose and pole sold separately

5. Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger



  • 5-inch diameter
  • 45 pounds
  • 15 x 12 x 9 inches

Last but not least in our search for the best pool leaf vacuums comes a solid example from Swimline that’s well worth popping on your shortlist.

This is a smaller unit than some of the others we review, measuring 13.5 inches across.

You hook this pool leaf vac up to your existing garden hose, and it will get to work sucking up any leaves that have tumbled into your pool water.

The comprehensive kit includes wheels, brushes, an adapter, and a useful carrying bag so you can keep everything in one place.

Lightweight and user-friendly, this model is ideal for newcomers to home swimming pools looking for an easy way to get started on pool maintenance without spending a fortune.

You can expect to notice a difference in as little as 20 minutes when you blitz your pool with this nifty leaf vacuum. See what you think.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Oversized capacity
  • Weak hose connections


Well, we hope today’s whistle-stop tour of the best pool leaf vacuums has given you a clear idea of what to look for when you’re comparing these things.

With relatively few decent models on the market, we kept our selection brief today. We’re not here to bring you poor-quality products just to bring up the numbers.

Stick with one of the pool leaf vacs we review and you’re in safe hands. You can buy any of these appliances knowing precisely what you’re signing up for. If you find a pool leaf vacuum we didn’t review, we hope you find out buying guidance comes in useful.

Bookmark Wild River Country before you head off. We bring you fresh content regularly covering all aspects of pool maintenance. If you don’t know what pool shock does and you’re not sure about how to test water levels in your swimming pool, let us be your guide. See you soon!

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