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The 12 Best Swimming Pool Covers


If you’ve finally decided to invest in the swimming pool you’ve always wanted at home, you’ll rapidly find there’s a great deal of equipment you need to keep it at its best.

As well as a pool cleaner and a filter, there are plenty of safety features to consider, from swimming pool lights through to an effective means of covering your pool.

Your problem will not be finding a swimming pool cover, but the precise opposite: determining which covers are any good out of a crowded market filled with poor-quality covers.

Luckily, we’re here to guide you today with our reviews of the 12 best swimming pool covers designed for a variety of swimming pools. You should have no problem today whittling down these covers to a small shortlist of suitable options.

We appreciate, though, that you might have no clue what you’re looking for in the best pool cover.

Before our reviews, then, we’ll make things easy for you by showing you what to consider when you’re comparing swimming pool covers.

  • Type of pool cover: The main choice you’ll face concerns the type of pool cover. A solar pool cover is primarily designed to keep the water in your pool warmer. The cover will offer some protection against falling debris, but the core purpose of a solar cover is heating the water. This type of pool cover will also minimize water evaporation. Although not cheap, you’ll save money over time by doing without a pool heater and taking advantage of the sun’s free energy. A winter pool cover will ensure that no algae and dirt contaminates your pool while it’s decommissioned over the winter. These covers keep rainwater, algae, and debris away from your pool water. A pool safety cover is stronger and much more durable than a solar or winter cover. They will prevent any accidents caused by kids or pets tumbling into the pool water. This type of cover needs to be anchored along the pool deck so it’s capable of withstanding the weight of anyone tumbling in.
  • Size of pool cover: Getting the size of the pool cover right is a crucial part of your decision. Take your time here to avoid a costly mistake. Make sure you take the overhang into account when you’re sizing up poll covers. Some covers allow you to trim them to fit
  • Quality and lifespan: You should look at more than just the bottom line when you’re comparing swimming pool covers. Often, digging a little deeper at the point of purchase will give you a cover capable of returning years of faithful service, not one that will disintegrate after a season or two
  • Installation: Make sure that any swimming pool covers on your shortlist are easy to install. Check, also, that all hardware and/or tools are bundled. A safety cover is the hardest type to install, requiring more effort than a winter cover. Solar covers are typically very easy to install

The 12 Best Swimming Pool Covers

1. Best for Above-Ground Pools: Blue Wave Pool Cover



  • For pools to 15 feet
  • Round cover
  • 21 x 4 x 18 inches

Our overall favorite swimming pool cover comes from Blue Wave, and this model is designed expressly for above-ground pools. What do you get for your money, then?

Firstly, you’ll need to get the sizing right. This cover offers you a variety of configurations, with this cover ideal for round above-ground pools with a 15-foot diameter. There’s a smaller 12-foot cover, and also 5 larger covers up to the range-topping 30-feet cover.

All covers are standard winter covers. Not only will you protect your pool water against the sun and snow, but you’ll also minimize the amount of debris that makes its way into the water.

While you might be tempted by the length of warranty offered with this cover, a number of disgruntled users have complained about issues with this warranty, notably the fact it’s prorated. After a year or two of use, you’ll only be offered a portion of the cost if anything goes wrong. We dislike this kind of deceptive advertising.

Finished in a dark blue, the cover won’t make your pool look cheap and garish while it’s being protected. Don’t leave your pool naked when there are options as good and affordable as this Blue Wave winter cover at your disposal.

If you want a no-nonsense pool cover that will keep your water as clear and debris-free as possible, we can’t recommend this cover highly enough.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Solar blanket
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Keeps large debris away
  • Warranty is prorated

2. Best for In-Ground Pools: Sun2Solar Solar Cover



  • For pools 12 x 24 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 12 x 24 x 12 inches

Next in line in our quest for the best swimming pool covers comes a superb solar example from Sun2Solar. This is one of several covers we review today from this highly reputable solar specialist. How does it shape up?

Off the bat, you’ll need to get the sizing sorted. This cover is intended for rectangular pools measuring 12 x 24 feet. Sounds like a good fit? Read on.

The solar blanket is constructed from thousands and thousands of resin bubbles. These bubbles serve to both trap and transmit heat from the sun’s rays into the water of your swimming pool. Using one of these blankets can save you from the hassle and ongoing operating costs of a swimming pool heater.

Covering your pool will also stop the water from evaporating. Using a cover can slash evaporation by fully 95%.

The other obvious advantage of draping a cover over your swimming pool is the fact you’ll keep most large debris from littering your pool. A cover is no substitute for a pool filter, but it will certainly minimize the amount of work you create for your filtration system.

As with the Blue Wave, we found some scattered complaints centered on warranty coverage. This gripe aside, most user testimony is overwhelmingly positive.

This cover is designed with in-ground pools in mind, so if this is the right fit for you, this is one of the finest covers you can find in its class.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Minimized water evaporation
  • Heat-retaining bubbles
  • Very affordable
  • Issues with warranty

3. Intex Deluxe Pool Cover



  • For pools to 18 feet
  • Round cover
  • 7 x 16 x 14 inches

Intex is one of the best-known brands producing swimming pools and all the accessories you need to keep your pool tip-top.

Covering your pool is a surefire way of keeping leaves and other garden debris from tumbling into the water overnight.

This is the largest of the 3 sizes at your disposal, designed for round above-ground pools measuring 18 feet across. There is also a 10-foot and 15-foot alternative if you have a smaller pool at home.

Crucially, the fabric used for construction is resistant to fading in the sun’s UV rays, so the pale gray won’t bleach out in the heat of summer. The polyethylene is pretty hardwearing, although you should be reasonable with your expectations regarding lifespan.

Setting the cover up is pretty simple, and you get some quick release clamps to streamline operation. You get rope ties bundled to keep the cover in place when the pool is not being used.

The cover is perforated with drainage holes so water doesn’t accumulate on top of the cover when it rains.

Overall, you’re getting a swimming pool cover that’s ideal for most larger round above-ground pools and it comes from one of the most reputable brands in the industry.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Drainage holes
  • Wind-resistant cover
  • Quick release clamps
  • Not the longest-lasting pool cover

4. Intex Solar Pool Cover



  • For pools to 18 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 5 x 22.1 x 11.4 inches

Another Intex cover up next, this time intended for rectangular above-ground pools.

Designed to fit pools measuring 18 x 19 feet, the key draw here is the way the cover serves to heat the pool. Air bubbles absorb heat from the sun’s rays and transfer this into your pool water. The best part is, you won’t need to pay for this free solar energy, ideal if your swimming pool is already costing you enough to run.

Aside from making your pool feel even more swimmable, the core purpose of the cover is to keep garden debris out of the water. Additionally, the cover also makes the pool environment much safer if you have kids at home.

As an added kicker, this cover comes with a storage bag so you can keep it tucked away in your pool house when not in use.

The 160-micron plastic material used for construction feels reasonably heavyweight, especially considering the reasonable price point.

The overall build quality is decent as you would expect from Intex. As with most pool covers, though, we found some scattered complaints about lifespan. We would suggest pegging your expectations when you’re buying a pool cover. Even with proper care, these things won’t last forever.

To keep your large above-ground pool debris-free while raising the temperature of the water at the same time, it’s got to be Intex.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Nifty carrying bag bundled
  • Keeps pool water warmer
  • Reasonably rugged
  • Some lifespan issues flagged

5. Safety Pick: Happybuy Pool Safety Cover



  • For pools 16 x 30 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 21 x 4 x 18 inches

Do you have a rectangular in-ground pool measuring 16 x 30 feet? If so, you may need a safety cover for the pool if you have children in the house. If your pool falls outside these dimensions, there are 4 alternatives, both larger and smaller.

This is a solid safety cover rather than a debris cover or winter cover. Fashioned from a soft and eco-friendly PP, the cover is also remarkably durable, key when you’re shopping safety covers for your pool.

The cover performs two core roles. Firstly, no kids or pets can take an accidental tumble into the pool. You can simply cover the pool not in use to cut off this eventuality. Beyond this, the cover will stop any falling debris like leaves or tree branches from littering your pool and overworking your pool filter.

As with all safety covers, some simple installation is required. You’ll get the tools you need for this bundled, and you won’t need any hardcore DIY skills to lash this cover into place.

Aside from some isolated complaints about quality control, most customers seem highly satisfied with this pool cover, so see what you think if it’s the right size for your pool at home.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Solid safety cover
  • Made from soft yet rugged PP
  • Straightforward installation
  • Some snags with quality control

6. Intex Solar Cover



  • For pools to 12 feet
  • Round cover
  • 144 x 144 x 14.96 inches

We’ve got something different up next with this solar cover from Intex perfect if you have a round above-ground pool, either the Easy Set or the Frame Pool.

For owners of these pools, this neat cover allows you to harness free energy from the sun’s rays to improve the water temperature in your above-ground pool. While not a substitute for a pool heater, you’ll nevertheless feel the benefit if you dislike swimming in cold water.

This cover is intended for the above pools to 12 feet in diameter, so perfect if you have a small pool that needs heating and protecting.

The protective aspect is the second key selling point of this versatile cover beyond its ability to increase water temperature incrementally.

Drain holes in the cover serve to prevent the accumulation of water.

Beyond this, the pool cover will also almost completely eliminate water evaporation, completing a highly versatile package from a pool specialist. You’ll even get a carrying bag for the cover which is ideal for storing it safely when not in use.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Solar heat-retaining cover
  • Reusable carry bag
  • Drain holes stop water building up
  • Build quality could be improved

7. Blue Wave Solar Blanket



  • For pools to 33 feet
  • Round cover
  • 396 x 396 x 0.5 inches

Have you got a larger round swimming pool at home that needs covering? If so, Blue Wave offers up this highly effective solar blanket ideal for pools measuring 33 feet across. Sound like a good fit? Read on to see how this cover shapes up.

Finished in an opaque navy blue, heat is encouraged to stay inside the pool where you want it rather than dissipating into the atmosphere. And the best part? That heat is generated free of charge and without the ongoing running costs of a pool heater. How is this achieved?

Well, the polymer blanket is packed with thermal cells so you’ll benefit from solar energy as the sun beats down. While you might be unconvinced about this form of passive pool heating, you might be surprised to know that this type of solar blanket can raise the temperature of the water in your pool by as much as 15F.

Slash up to 95% of all evaporation by using the blanket, too.

Backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty, you can buy with complete confidence, secure in the knowledge your pool will be protected for seasons.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Opaque blue optimizes heat retention
  • UV-resistant
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Edges not seamed

8. Sun2Solar Solar Cover



  • For pools to 12 feet
  • Round cover
  • 12 x 24 x 12 inches

Next in line in our quest for the best swimming pool covers come another entry from the inimitable Sun2Solar. How does this cover differentiate itself, then?

This cover is designed with smaller round pools in mind. Sized to accommodate pools measuring 12 feet across, you can trim the cover to cut. While potentially fiddly, this also gives you more latitude when it comes to compatibility and installation. If this doesn’t sound like a good fit your pool, this line is packed with alternatives, both larger and smaller.

The blanket itself is packed with thousands of heat-retaining bubbles capable of slightly raising the temperature of the water in your pool.

While not a solid or permanent pool cover, this can nevertheless keep debris from tumbling into your pool when it’s covered.

This rugged resin pool cover is well worth popping on your shortlist if you live somewhere with year-round sun and you want to avoid the expense and hassle of a pool heater.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Heat-retaining bubbles
  • Minimizes evaporation
  • Long-lasting
  • Needs cutting for some pools

9. Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net



  • For pools 20 x 40 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 528 x 288 x 0.25 inches

Is your pool by plagued by falling leaves cluttering it up and clogging the pool filter? If so, you should consider fighting back with the assistance of this highly effective leaf net from Blue Wave. This brand has a heavy presence in this vertical for their deep bench of efficient pool covers that come in at very reasonable prices. This rectangular cover for above-ground pools continues that winning tradition.

The cover is designed for pools measuring 20 x 40 feet. If this is not the right match for you, choose form plenty of alternatives.

Made from a rugged woven polyethylene, this leaf net has one job and it does it wonderfully: you’ll prevent falling leaves from making their way into an unprotected pool. The mesh is fine, so it will stop even smaller leaves and pieces of debris from penetrating the pool.

Featuring a generous 4 feet of overlap, you should find this is more enough to slot in neatly with most coping. Water tube loops are a nice extra that ensure you get a snug fit.

Crowned by a 4-year limited warranty, you know the manufacturer has your back in the unlikely event of any problems with this pool cover. What’s not to love?

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Cuts back on decaying leaf damage
  • Woven polyethylene
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • Reasonably costly

10. Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover



  • For pools 14 x 28 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 192 x 360 x 0.25 inches

As we edge to the end of our search for the best swimming pool covers, we have a dedicated safety cover ideal for rectangular pools measuring 14 x 28 feet. If this is not the best fit for your pool, Blue Wave has a deep bench of alternatives you can choose from.

Like with all safety covers, you’ll need to take care of some simple installation, but then you’ll have the cover in place to keep everyone and everything out when it’s not in use. Also, you get all the tools and hardware you need included, so you have all you need to get going right out the box.

The seaming is reinforced with multi-stitching, so you shouldn’t find the cover degrades over time.

All hardware is made from stainless steel, meaning it will stand up to plenty of harsh weather along with the chemicals in your pool water.

The underside of the cover is strengthened with strips so it won’t wear through.

The high-scrim mesh panel will allow water to get through while blocking the progress of any debris. As with all aspects of this cover, it’s been intelligently designed and precision-engineered.

Aside from the shockingly bad instructions included with this pool cover, you’re getting first-class protection and one of the best safety swimming pool covers you can find.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • All tools included for set-up
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Permanent installation
  • Instructions are dire

11. Blue Wave Solar Blanket



  • For pools 14 x 24 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 600 x 360 x 0.5 inches

As we come close to the end of our swimming pool cover reviews, we have another highly effective solar blanket from Blue Wave that may make the right choice for you.

This cover is intended for rectangular pools measuring 14 x 24 feet. For pools sized differently, Blue Wave offers a clutch of alternatives.

14mm thick, this solar blanket could increase the temperature of the water in your pool by as much as 15F. While you may still require a pool heater if you live somewhere with a colder climate, if you live in a state with year-round sun, it’s a different story. Take advantage of the sun’s rays while the pool is not in use, unroll the cover, and slip into water that’s warmer than it otherwise would be.

Not only does this solar blanker help to heat the water in your pool, but it will also keep any debris out when the pool is not in use.

The resin is resistant to chemicals and to UV rays, so you should get plenty of faithful service out of this swimming pool cover. Backed by a 6-year limited warranty, this cover might be the smartest investment you make for your pool this year.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Chemical resistant
  • Wards of UV rays
  • Retains warmth
  • Not especially thick

12. Robelle Swimming Pool Cover



  • For pools 20 x 40 feet
  • Rectangular cover
  • 45 x 25 x 1 inches

To round out our quest for the best swimming pool covers we have a superb winter cover from the ever-reliable Robelle. What do you get for your money, then?

First, choice from the staggering array of sizes suitable for just about all pool configurations. This model is for rectangular pools measuring 20 x 40 feet.

Whichever size you choose from, the cover comes with a 5-foot overlap. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to installation.

You’ll next to decide which of the 17 colorways best complements your pool.

You should bear in mind that this winter cover is designed exclusively for use during the off-season. It is not intended as an all-purpose debris cover during periods when you’re using the pool.

Made from a solid material, you won’t get any debris penetrating the cover and entering the pool water. Keep leaves and other garden waste away year-round.

Although the manufacturer markets this cover aggressively for its heavyweight properties, we found a handful of complaints from users about a lightweight feel to the cover. You should do your own due diligence if this is an area that concerns you.

Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, you can buy with complete confidence and the knowledge your precious pool will be protected all year round.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Heavy-grade 8 x 8 scrim
  • Made from polyethylene
  • 5-foot overlap
  • Could be weightier


OK, if you arrived here today at Wild River Country without any idea how to choose the best swimming pool cover, today’s reviews should have changed that.

By highlighting a broad cross-section of pool covers at varying price points, we feel confident there should be several on our list that meet your needs. We never disguise the flaws in any pool products we review, allowing you to make an accurate decision based on hard facts.

Before you head off, we’d suggest you bookmark our blog. We’re here to guide you every step of the way through buying and maintaining a swimming pool at home. Our goal is simple: we want you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your pool and less time on tasky maintenance. We’ll show you all the gear you need to achieve this. See you soon!

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