The 15 Best Above-Ground Pool Ladders


If you buy an above-ground swimming pool, there’s every chance you’ll benefit from a ladder of some sort in the package. Unfortunately, many of these ladders are rather flimsy and rickety for sustained use, meaning there’s a robust market segment dedicated to providing a superior and more stable alternative. In today’s comprehensive guide to the … Read more

The 14 Best Swimming Pool Lights


If you’re looking to light your pool at home, you’ll stumble across a wide array of choices. From surrounding lights to floating lights, much of your buying decision will center on your intended purpose… Do you need to see the pool steps at night? Are you looking to prevent your kids or anyone who can’t … Read more

The 12 Best Above Ground Pools


If you’re lucky enough to have a yard and enough space to accommodate a pool, you’ll be faced with a battery of buying decisions. An in-ground pool might be an attractive proposition in many ways, but not all yards are large enough for landscaped pools. Also, if you’re renting your home, it’s not practical to … Read more

The 7 Best Swimming Pool Heaters

If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard at home with space for a swimming pool, you’ll soon discover you need plenty of equipment to keep that pool running optimally. One of the most crucial pieces of kit is a heater to keep the water at the right temperature year-round and regardless of climate. Today, … Read more

Type of Swimming Pool


Adding a swimming pool to your home gives you more than just luxury. The right pool can add value to your home, too. Before you whip out the credit card, you need to give due consideration to your intended use with so many different types of pool up for grabs. By taking the time to … Read more

7 Types of Pool Cleaner for a Spotless Swimming Pool


Keeping your swimming pool clean and hygienic year-round is a vital part of pool ownership. With proper pool maintenance, you’ll keep algae and mosquitoes at bay, and you’ll ensure that the water in your above-ground pool or in-ground pool stays fresh and inviting throughout the swimming season. As an inbuilt bonus, using the right pool … Read more

What Is a Pool House?


First seen back in upscale Hollywood Hills mansions in the 1930s, a pool house is a building dedicated to the swimming pool lifestyle. Somewhere between a shed and a guest house, the term pool house is used to describe a variety of poolside structure, some nice than many homes, and other simple but basic shed-like … Read more

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water


If you’re new to pool ownership, it’s almost inevitable you’ll encounter the issue of cloudy or turbid water at some point. By the end of today, though, you’ll know how to clear cloudy pool water, and you’ll also have an understanding of why your water becomes contaminated in the first place. The good news is, … Read more

How to Test Pool Water with Kit: Stay on Top of Your Pool Chemistry the Easy Way


Now the summer months are well underway, you need to make sure you stay on top of the water quality in your home swimming pool. If you’re new to pool ownership, you’ll soon discover you need to monitor the following metrics regularly: pH levels Chlorine levels Total alkalinity Acid demand With most standard pool test … Read more

How To Clear Green Pool Water


One of the most frustrating things for pool owners is seeing the water inside that precious investment, whether an upscale in-ground swimming pool or a more restrained above-ground pool, turning green. First thing’s first, then, why does pool water turn green in the first place? Well, typically, this is triggered by algae overgrowth. The reasons … Read more

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?


If you’ve started thinking about installing an in-ground swimming pool, you have a large project on your hands. This is absolutely not the sort of decision you should undertake lightly. That said, with the proper planning before breaking ground, there’s no reason that the construction of your in-ground pool shouldn’t go swimmingly. While above-ground swimming … Read more