Your safety is our top priority at Wild River Country.

The park is fully staffed with Ellis certified lifeguards.

Life vests are available in a variety of sizes at no charge. We strongly recommend all guests 48″ tall or under or who are weak or non-swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device. We insist that parents keep their children within arm’s reach for their close supervision on all water activities. The use of your own personal flotation device(s) is subject to lifeguard approval.

A First Aid station is located by Guest Services near the entrance of the park.

ALL BAGS will be checked at the front gate upon entry of the park for the safety of our guests.


• Walk Please! Running is not allowed in the park.
• NO DIVING anywhere in the park. Feet first entry only!
• It is recommended that weak and inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coastguard approved life vest at all times. WRC has a limited quantity of life vests for guests to use free of charge.
• For guest safety, Non-U.S. Coastguard approved flotation devices, snorkels and swim fins are NOT allowed.
• Swim diapers are required for all non-bathroom trained guests and must be covered with a swimsuit. NO regular diapers are allowed in any of the pools or attractions.
• All rules on the attraction signs must be followed.
• NO profanity or vulgar language please.
• All swimwear must be family appropriate.  No street clothes or bathing attire with buckles, belts, rivets, metal allowed.
• Horseplay, line cutting and failure to follow the rules may result in removal from the park property.
• WRC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. All valuables should not be left unattended or should be secured in a locker.