Corporate Tickets

park-informationWe have a great way to show your employees you care.

Our corporate consignment ticket program allows you to sell discounted tickets directly to your employees. They’ll appreciate the convenience and the savings.

Participation in the program is easy. These tickets can be made available to your employees and customers as a benefit from you. You sell the actual tickets which can be redeemed at the gate – there’s no waiting in lines at the park.

There is no risk to you; we send you the number of passes you request now and an invoice you at the end of each month for the tickets redeemed at the park. Simply return any unused tickets at the end of the season.

A minimum of 50 tickets must be purchased to be billed at the reduced consignment rate.

We’ll even provide you with customized flyers and posters for your company’s corporate ticket promotion.

Call us for more information or ask to participate in this program by contacting group sales at (501) 753-8600 or email [email protected].